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The Crystal of Zanthar 3

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For NATA's Intermediate round. Theme: Desperate Measures

This is a continuation of a previous storyline, Check out Part One:

and the newly updated Part Two:

The quest for the crystals return as a new member is added to the party. They continue head first towards Mount Celash where they hope to recover their powerful crystals from the dragon Dövan and his unknown master.

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The voice acting is excellent.

2 things:
1: The series so far is quite awesome, and you should definitely continue it.
2: Desperate times do call for a big-ass gun, perhaps even a Big Freaking Gun, like from Doom.

CroMagg responds:

THANKS! Unfortunately I just got knocked out of the competition so I'm going to take a little break on this story line, but I've already written the ending so I'm absolutely going to finish it.

You can't mess with the BFG!

hahah the ending was perfect! enough love cant be expressed through text, ill just have to come over there and sex you.
I cant wait to work with you guys after nata!

shit Jay, this is amazing!