FlashTrek II

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An improved and expanded version of the original FlashTrek game! This version features new ships, improved graphics, modified gameplay, price adjustments, a couple of new star systems, some ship-specific abilities, and more! Please compare this to the original version before judging it too harshly. :)

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add constellation class if ya need a point of reference look up USS stargazer but so far good game also mabby make it so that ya could drop mines or small phaser buoys from some ships.

Hey great game; I loved it as I'm a ST fan. It is certainly more appealing than the original version of this game. Some suggestions are to please increase the shielding of the Danube Runabout to 60 pts maybe. I admire and thank u for the sensor jammer special ability but with all due respect I don't think that's enough for a ship to survive, generally speaking. Also it would be nice if you consider making a third game of this on the Klingon War between the Federation and the Klingons set in the 2280s'. That would be delightful. Thanks.

Pretty fun game, though I don't feel like it's diverse enough to play all the way to the end (which I did anyway to see the ending). It looks like you intended the player to have some kind of fun thing to do at the end with a bonus ship at the Blender system, but the Blender system is no different than it was after I liberated it and every time I kill an enemy, I get the same message from Starfleet command, and if I don't close the comm and kill another enemy, I end up in the Spacedock menu (where you can choose a ship). There's a bug here. :( Otherwise, pretty fun.

thecommandoboss responds:

I found a way to fix the spacedock menu problem, but I still don't know why the fleet isn't showing up at the Blender system. I'm working on it.

Game is actually not too poor for the style. Needs a few things to make it better. Needs a save state or quick save option. Weapon variety in each ship, more ship customization options. Further detais, perhaps adding a usefulness to the crew. A leveling system so you don't just feel like you're running back and forth all day. Perhaps a leveling system with a point system for allocation in systems such as Phasers, Engineering, Tactical? in which the ship's categories such as attack, speed, shields get increased as you use them more or as you allocate points? Would be nice to have a crew that levels up as well, such as engineering officer, captain, tactical officer and so forth. During Hails, would be cool if there was response options which control the outcome of the conversation/engagement.

thecommandoboss responds:

Excellent suggestions! I might make a more complex version just for fun, but I tried to keep this game nice and simple, since I tend to get a lot of complaints about difficulty...

I have played the first version back in the day, can't really see any improvements so far, but to get started on gameplay you move to one of the planets and hail them until they offer you a decent contract, beam up the goods, move to the specified planet and beam it down. Use warp speed to stay away from the large enemies and overwhelm the small ones with torpedoes and phasers. Once you have some prestige the Station where you start will repair your ship for a fee. It will also save your progress if you should be killed.

thecommandoboss responds:

Well, I adjusted the prices of ships so that the expensive ones are actually obtainable, and gave ships unique abilities. I also added extra ships and planets, removed a couple of glitches, and upgraded the graphics for what it was worth. Maybe it's not a great improvement, but I had fun doing it!

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3.54 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2014
11:32 PM EDT
Adventure - Other