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4 warring factions
13 unique missions
27 types of upgrades, weapons and items
Choose your own playing style discovering new tactics again and again.

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This is a great example of what a flash game can be! Love the straightforward and flexible tactics, and that any character can fill any niche. I sincerely hope you make an improved version, even though 5 years down the line it seems unlikely.

I played this years ago and I still enjoy it. I rate this game a little lower for some cons I would like to point out, in hopes of and update or new version of this some point later.

1: The strategy is nice. 2: I like the character design and names. 3:The weapons and gear are a considerably mediocre, but that's forgivable. The cons are that the story is very limited as to how this world came to be, where this faction of Renegades came from or how it started, no mention to how Psycho and Ghost were captured, etc.

The ammunition mechanic with the mags is good, the range tactics are a little fuzzy, an undo move button would've been nice, as for buying gear once and using it for anyone in the team would've been great as well, more teammates might be a stretch, but still an idea.

I hope that you could make a free play edition of this, without the turn based gameplay and with mouse controls and a bit more realistic gear, just getting my hopes up there. I hope this gives some insight to you developing further.

I dunno why, but I just really like this game. I've play it through every once and a while I still somehow usually find something to come back to each time I replay. It's like a miniature X-Com. You get to grow and customize your troops throughout a brief yet difficult and satisfying campaign. I do feel like some quality of life changes could be made, like you being able to check health and inventory while the character is unable to move. I was also disappointing with the sniper rifle, which seemed to almost constantly miss despite it being supposedly
mathematically impossible to do so. I found the world to be pretty interesting, and I wish there was some lore or story to follow. I also feel like the characters could've had some added personality. Although their names and uniforms did give a pretty good idea of what they'd be like. I felt the graphic style and UI were alright, clean and easy to look at. Definitely worth a playthrough and I'm excited for the sequel.

Very good game i would have liked to see couple more things
-Character Lvl up
-More equipment i maxed out fairly quickly and was left with empty feeling
-some sort of end game congratz maybe new gun
- i feel the percents where off my sniper would miss 3 times in a row at 75% multiple times :/
-Character health bars
Undo button maybe i would use action points accidentally
Great Game though!!!

for this kind of game I usually favor an isometric view, sideview just kinda hinders this kind of games, but still pretty well conceived gameplay, hope u r thinking about a second part.

urnam04 made some pretty good points, one thing I would add to the list, the option for squadmates to "guard" ,like using the unused AP to automatically fire at an enemy when he steps on range or to fight back when attacked during enemy turn.

overall a very good game, it brings back memories from the days of X-com, WH40k Chaos Gate, and Silent Storm just to name a few.

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4.33 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2014
1:49 AM EDT
Strategy - Other