Speed Painting Rosalina

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Speed Painting Rosalina


Is that a hair comming out of her ass? 3 stars easy. Good job.

lamgelus responds:

hair??? lol no God... its a bikini line ... thanks for the comment

Idiots below don't know what they're talking about. Newgrounds has long been a community site for creators of animations, games, art AND music to share their hard work with everyone.

This is a brilliant, if simple, speedpainting video, and as I stated previously;
I look forward to seeing more from you. :)

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lamgelus responds:

Thanks for you comments i really apreciate, please follow me here in newgrounds and in my youtube channel... http://m.youtube.com/channel/UCs0b1-L69-nrveM9Is8lLjA

Eh its nothing too special too me but I think you do have potential keeps at it

lamgelus responds:

Thanks i will work for make more quality animations

please change the "E" for "T" because this contan nudty (half nudity) thanks bro

lamgelus responds:

But she has a bikini... In thi video there are no nudity... But sorry if i bother you

I don't get it.
This isn't a movie its a clip that deserves to be only on you tube.
Not on a site that is for short !funny! movies and other and games.
This is pointless becouse it isn't even a tutorial.
So please reconsider putting stuff like speed paintings and experimental videos on this site.
Im not saying that this is a bad painting NO, its great actually but this is only FAP material for some perverts and showing off.
Sorry if i have hurted feelings but its not worth having on a game and clip site
Please put it on youtube and ill like it!

lamgelus responds:

Thanks for you comment, i think in newground for a place where i can show, art, music, videos, etc. Not only video jokes... Please i will upload funny short... I have two of them check this:




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Jul 6, 2014
11:26 AM EDT