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Ninja Messenger

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fight your way as you deliver the message from your elder, avoid traps, and build your health and energy to last long enough..

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controls are really awkward having movement right below your attacks is awkward would have been better if you used buttons off to the side and the attacks are all strange couldn't quite figure it out, and I had to click on the game every time I started a level to be able to move

It's a great game. You're a great artist, and not a bad programmer either. It seems to me that you were testing out the capabilities of Adobe Flash, and ended up with a game of considerable scale.

Gameplay-wise, I love your concept. It takes a bit from several genres in existence, and I totally love your game idea. Level design was great, and the animations were awesome, too. The game is bug-free as far as I've played.

The main problem with this game (and with your RPG, which I've played yesterday) is that it is unpolished. When I say unpolished, I mean that the devil's in the details. For example, none of your buttons have hover or click states. The typeface of the dynamic text boxes does not match the general atmosphere of the game. (I'd suggest you do away with their borders and background colours too.) Then there's the positioning of the achievement boxes (which was a little sloppy, let's face it), the white edge in the Game Over screen, and bitmap artefacts in the 'Opps!' (should be spelt 'Oops' BTW) screen... These are trivialities, but they really determine how pro your game looks. The game also lacks juice. Watch this NG-recommended video for more about juice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy0aCDmgnxg&feature=kp

I'll be honest and tell you that the game is not likely to receive a good rating because of the reasons above. Don't be discouraged by that! You're clearly a promising emerging dev and I hope that by polishing your games further (perhaps you can polish this game and your RPG, and reupload both), your games will reach their maximum potential.

I know all this because I've gone through the same stage as you (I've made a game similar to yours, but it's not posted on NG and I've lost the file anyway). Good luck on your game dev journey! ^^

kaizen101 responds:

Thank you! I will keep those in mind, I will do my best to become better at this, and to give more time to polished it... (though time is not in my side)