Link's Quest for Zelda

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Link goes on a really fucked up quest to save Zelda's dumbass again. Seriously, this shit is random as fuck.


My name is Tyler King AKA tmanking, and I made this abortion.

You can also check it out and other videos / animations on my YouTube channel: tmanking

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Its not quite as well done as stuff before - but eh, don't worry. This is your thing. You do what you damn well please.

Looking forward to moar stuff from ya.

This was actually quite funny. Good job.

This is more swearing than anything else. The drawing isn't bad but making them animated needs work. Overall it's just annoying to watch. Link killed all the black people because he's racist? Seriously? I don't know if this is an attempt at being funny or you're trying to offend people but either way, it isn't funny. I won't be showing this to anybody else.