Space Capsule Escape

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You were chosen to go to space in this capsule. You thought it was a great idea, you didn't realize you were not coming back! Now if you wish to get home you will have to escape!


Very good. One of the puzzles really had to be zoomed in order to solve it.

Simple enough game just like I like them!

You should consider matching the colors in the puzzle to the colors in the solution. The third pink-purple color isn’t even close.

The game is pretty mediocre, anything is focused around finding and entering various codes, no really interesting puzzles at all. Apart from the floor tile with a wrench beneath it which is really hard to find (well, you won't ever think that it's clickable unless you search all the screens with your mouse watching the cursor changing to a hand) the whole gameplay is pretty straightforward. I've expected much more from a game with such promising name. (Maybe I've played too much escape-the-rooms though :))

Anyway, graphics and sound is decent at least. Improving the puzzles might make it a very nice game.

Ok a couple of things

1. the secret floor panel was nearly impossible to find as there was nothing to indicate that i should even have to click on the ground. Something as random as that so early in the game is very discouraging to finish the game.
2. it was definitely not clear at all that one had to click on the space panel. Not making it to easy is of course important but that was another random element.
3. When the player starts a game and has no indication as to weather what they're doing is working other then the writing appearing in the bottom left hand corner, you need to do it through the full game. The coloured buttons very clearly just needed a 'you push the button' because the buttons were so small and it wasn't clear as to which was a reference to what the computer terminal or the microscope

other then that the graphics are great and the other puzzles work well. but it does seriously need those changes.

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2.85 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2014
12:29 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click