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Mister Troper

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Done in 4 hours.

Thanks to Ari Troper and Mitchell Austian

Jack Dimond


Hahahahha! 4.5 stars.

Ha ha Ha Cool animation! Adding BG will make it better

I don't think you realize, I have cancer.

Well at least the last joke was funny.

Alright. I assume (?) This is your first flash. You're learning... you're excited to submit content... You're just happy to be here!
This is of course great! I really like when people start off because it means they can look back on their work later and see how much they have improved. I'm guessing that even if this is your second submission: it is generally an earlier work.

So it's bad. For a variety of reasons it is -bad-. But this is fine because it shows promise, and you have ample room to improve. The animating was alright, (for stick figures) and the jokes had 'potential'. The issues come in the rather flat delivery, along with the rather varying types of joke.

The problems then come from how the flash loops indefinitely without being capable of being started or stopped by the viewer. Along with how every skit begins with the "Mistuh tropuh" thing that.... frankly is annoying and shouldn't have happened past the first time. You'd also be helped out by having a second person (anyone) to do one of your two characters voices.

I liked the previous flash submitted by you infinitely more.

steambeaver responds:

Thank you for taking the time to write that comment! I will definately try to incorporate, more ways to improve my animations, along with adding that start/stop button.

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2.05 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2014
8:29 PM EDT
Comedy - Original