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Bomboozle 3

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Bomboozle is back! Clear the blobs from the board by finding chains of similar coloured blobs and popping them. A group of 5 or more will create a bomb, while a group of 3 will drop a devious skull into play. Aim for the highest score before you run out of groups and the game comes to an end!

The third in the popular Bomboozle series takes the classic gameplay of the popular Bomboozle series and improves on it in a number of ways. Matching blobs and popping them feels even better than before with a new, even more colourful visual overhaul, but that's not all that's changed - there are new things to help and hinder your progress, including a devious new coloured blob and the introduction of the mighty Megabombs! Collect four bombs together in a 2x2 square will create a hulking explosive that will do massive damage to the blobs surrounding it! Also changed is the magic system, which is now easier to use than before. Pop enough blobs and you have a magic Glass Bomb which mysteriously targets only the colour indicated inside it, destroying them all in one satisfying swoop.

Alongside the normal game there are multiple other game modes, including Timed, Moves, and, for those who just want to put their feet up and not worry about losing, a Casual mode where you have no Game Overs and just keep popping blobs to your heart's content!

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can you guys work on a yoshis island theme? because if so? id be so down

Fun game, great time waster!

Excellent game. I miss you folks!

This game was awesome! The graphics were good, the music is good, I like how you added other game modes, and the gameplay is addictive. However the gameplay, while addictive, has been done many times before, and since there's achievements you could've added medals. Really good game, but you could've added medals, and if the gameplay hasn't been done so many times, it would've got five stars.

Cute graphics but lacking in substance.

I loved Bomboozle 2. My mom of all people actually introduced me to it through facebook before I found it on newgrounds. When I saw this one today, I was very excited and began to play a few rounds of regular play.

I love the artstyle. While the second one was sleek, this one does fit more of the artsy theme that these games have always had and I love the animations with the blobs now.

The sound is good. I personally don't play music when I do puzzle games, but I am happy you didn't completely mute the sound.

What didn't allow me to give a full on 5 though was how lacking the magic system seems now. I loved the variety of powers and collecting colors to clear screens, set off whole bombs, or even flip the board. Not that the new bomb powers are useless. They're fine for this installment, but with them being the only powers available, it seems gearing much more to younger audiences as opposed to general gamers.

I am quite sure this will be a hit and I will definitely be playing it, but when I get the urge for bomboozle, I'll probably be falling more to the second pat of the series.

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4.30 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2014
4:23 PM EDT