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Hatcher Chess (2-6 Human Players only)

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Author Comments

- Hatcher Chess is for 2 to 6 HUMAN Players, and is quite different from regular chess. There NO CPU or AI players.
HUMAN PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED. It is ideal for classrooms to help teach communication, strategy, & diplomacy skills, in addition being good practice for the real world.

- Each player has 2 queen pieces each to play with besides the traditional pieces. There are no bishop pieces. Each piece has the same move set as traditional chess. The two players on each long side have the longest trip to the king row. The opposite king row allows you to bring any piece you lost back onto the checkerboard.

- When pieces are "taken", click and drag them off the checkboard where ever works for you.

- For a 6 player game, the player on the far left starts first. Moves go counter-clockwise around the board. For 2-5 players, start in a similar manner, or roll dice/play roshambo to decide. Each player should only take 1 minute to make their move in normal, non-diplomacy quickplay. Multiple checks and check mates can occur. It is up to your enemies to decide to announce your pieces being in check or check mate by their pieces ONLY. If your enemies don't announce they have your pieces vulnerable, then you have a chance to fix the situation. :)

- For Hatcher Chess Diplomacy, each player should have multiple pieces of paper or blank cards handy, that they can write on. When it is not your active turn to move a piece, you can be writing something to convince another player to be an ally or to taunt them as an enemy. Make sure no one can see what you are writing, as you announce to everyone that "Elizabeth" is receiving a message for example. You then flip over the piece of paper face down and slide it or pass it over to the intended player. Alliances can be made or broken, and you will find out how people really think and play during these types of games.

Copyright 1995-2014 Joseph Hatcher/Hatcher Technomantics. Program, art, & design by Joseph Hatcher.

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As yofoboy pointed out, it's not a game. I really don't see the point in making this digital if you don't make some rules.

If you really want to go on this concept, then at least make it more general. Allow different backgrounds and pieces to be able to change game.

Sorry, but there's nothing to judge about this. It's not a digital chess board. It's just a background and some movable objects.

technomantics responds:

Why do people make dress up games? Why do people make jigsaw puzzle games? Why do people make virtual board games? Probably because they like making something.

There are rules to go by. There are no move checking for the pieces because it slows down the game when playing with 4-6 people, AND because I was trying to keep this app simple.

It isn't just some movable objects. They can't be moved off the screen if kids are messing up moving the pieces, they drop at the edge. You can overlap any number of the pieces and still get to move the pieces you want. None of the pieces collide with each other. The game is very light in memory and resources. Each piece snaps to a grid of 2x2 pixels for easy placement while playing.

Thanks for your feedback. :)