Adventures of Clem & Sam

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'Loosely' based on scenes from Telltales' The Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 1: All that Remains.

This idea popped into my head while playing through the first episode of the sesond season of The Walking Dead, since then it didn't change much

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good but clem dosent sound like a fucking drunk woman with problems i never heard clemy talk like that clementine dosent deserve that after all she has been thru

(btw i know its a joke and all and its just a game but i love TWD so much and it dosent deserve to be treated like that i also hate how u made clemy sound like drunk clem still i loved it)

Cool vid

It was okay, but the title was misleading; Together Forever... ummm maybe a caveat stating until 00:18... but I could be wrong, may very well have a broom and a bag, and this zany misadventure may still yet continue, but until then I can only in good conscience give you four stars...

TheGradontron responds:

I guess some of the joke is lost if you havent seen or played the original content.

The title and the face a numbered the episode was an attempt at sarcasm in text, which is always risky :P no episode 2 is planned, if it were to exist it would probably simply consist of Clementine crying into a bucket of Sam's remains, if its not too vile to say.

Thanks for the review, appreciated ^^

I laughed so hard, then shared it with a couple dozen people. I don't often jump to share, but it was too great not too.
I want to see more, hear more. Why haven't I seen you around before? XD

TheGradontron responds:

thanks for the love ^^ glad you liked

More to come in the future - you havent seen more around before because this is my first cartoon I've made for the internet - wish I'd started sooner.

I really can't rate this flash because I like dogs and it's sad to see but the art is fantastic. You animate dogs and people very well. I just don't even know why this would happen to the dog. I didn't see the content this parody is based off of. I was pretty upset to see this and your truly gifted so I'm going to rate on talent and not the stomach wrenching feeling I'm left with.

TheGradontron responds:

If it makes you feel any better the dog was not real, and I am too a lover of dogs.

In the content you are introduced to and befriend a dog in the wilderness who looks to be your future companion, but he is shortly torn away from you and is killed when he attacks the player for some food.

If you are interested this is the final scene with the dog of which the parody is based. I warn you though, it is more graphic and more heart/gut wrenching...

Thanks for the love ^^ Even if you didn't like what happens to poor Sam.

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4.46 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2014
3:15 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody