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An animation about a kid who loses his phone.

How important is your phone? Should it be?


Breakout your tiny violins everybody, it's the end of the world.

Ehhhh... Although this kid acted like a bitch. The animation was okay and the "story" was shit.

My phone is not important to me in the slightest, only them datas. And I don't mean pictures of the last Party or fucking stupid shit like that.

Honestly, if that's what the kid thought about when he lost his phone then he deserves a hard knock over the head. Also, other than music, nothing it showed was of any importance. A phone is meant for communicating through calling or texting. The modern phones today have a camera and the possibilty to play music so those two things too. Everything except the music listening you put into the animation wasn't from a phone. It was from the fact that modern phones can access the internet.
Putting internete into mobile phones and integrating it all with social zombie networks is what ruins the kids in the further generations. Back when I was a single digit aged kid the phones were able to call, text, play some .mid "music files" and sometimes take photos or record video. It was better back then. People weren't so stupid to care about their social network life more than their own.

As for me, my phone is important to me because I only have one. I use it to call a friend when I need something and he's not currently online and I also listen to music on it. RARELY use the camera. That's all. I disabled all the forced apps from it. FB, Twitter and such.

If the first thing you start worrying about is popularity and your social networks then you most likely have an unhealthy addiction or aren't very smart.


Typo in importat! ;) The animation was nice, I like the detail in especially the architecture, though some things could use some more realism, like: how about making the window(s) seem transparent, the shoes fall at a faster pace, etc. The idea was good, emotional at first and then... I was expecting some kind of serious ending, lmao, but you get to laugh at the poor guys misery! It is a little wake up call on cellphones though, on how much some people rely on them. Personally, I rely on my PC, would have a harder time living without that. Nice work!


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Jun 20, 2014
8:02 PM EDT
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