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Hey Herman

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Working with a couple of new characters. Also trying to simplify the style as much as possible without sacrificing story.

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Then herman explodes.
The end of story.
I love it! am gonna give you a 5 just because am generous.

Brisket, you're witty as you're horrendously irritating :) Herman should just tie you to the tallest, most tremendous tree in the forest with a leather rope and close your mouth with a zipper so he won't pester you anymore.

Then again I can sort of relate to Brisket because I sometimes repeat myself over and over again, sometimes to get a reaction out of people (as Brisket did), or I do it when I'm sad, angry, perturbed panicked.

Either way, the "Herman and Brisket" cartoons are sidesplitting, as are the Pencilmation shorts.
Keep on animating captainmcross :)

Peace out homie,

Simple story that gets a great laugh. Love it. I'm going through all your stuff and just enjoying the work you put into it. The simple animation doesn't effect the story and it helps you focus more on the characters. Wonderful!

Ugh! There are kids like this in my classes! It's only funny when it's done to someone else. lol!

People need to learn that if comedy gets even a small chuckle out of one person then it was worth it. =\