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Viking's Esscape

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You were wounded and captured on the battlefield. They locked you in one of their cabin thinking that your wounds are too deep to try to escape. You heard them saying something about last visit to the city of Uppsala and how it's time to pay homage to their gods. You are pretty sure they're going to sacrifice you to their gods!

Will you become just another victim to the gods or will you escape your grim fate? Explore the cabin and use your wit to escape.

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I'm a little disappointed on how short this was. The story could be awesome given some thought and more play time. Loved the graphics too.

Pretty good game, but there are a few things that don't make sense. For example, the location of the runes used to unlock the chest. I don't see why one would be in a barrel of water, a horned helmet (vikings actually don't wear those in battle in contrast to fantasy, btw), a sack of grain, and a burning fire. Also, why would an axe of all things require to be locked inside a cabinet with an elaborate lock mechanism (unlocked via color-changing jewels and runes based on both the shields and cardinal directions the shields are found in) in order to safeguard it? Axes (along with spears) were among the most commonly used weapons during the Viking Age in sharp contrast to the sword, which was among the most valuable things to the vikings. Other than that, great job on the making this game. It surely was fun.

Nice graphic.

I got stuck with the four runes and didn't know the order sequence of the diamonds. After watching the walk through, I realised the messages appeared on the window were indeed useful clues. After solving the first puzzle, I placed the runes on either the left or right side of their corresponding diamonds, which didn't work. From the walk through, I found out I had to fit the runes in the same NESW sequence.

Solid escape game. Sharp graphics, good music. The animation at the beginning was as nice touch, It's not the most challenge room I've ever escaped, but it was still fun, and it did make make me think. Good job.

Actually not bad as far as point and click adventures go on this site. Add a more involved storyline and some unique and logical puzzles (emphasis on logical) and you'd have a real winner.