Man Gurgles Mouthwash

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Never do one thing for way too long.


This is just fantastic. I love the art style and the ending is priceless. You took a joke and just ran with it, and ran with it, and ran with it, and ran with it...then you hear the echo of him still gargling in the vase. Wonderful.

WellingL responds:

Thank you. I was rather surprised to find out how close you get to vomiting when recording your own gurgle for too long. The irony!

I have no idea why i like this

Beat the crap out of Tartar!

Finally effort. I've seen to much crap for one day. Yeah, that actually got a laugh out of me, great job. It's a funny and random idea, taking an uninteresting task and turning it into something funny. The animation itself is pretty good, though it could be more animated, it repeated a lot, if you took out all the looped sections you'd probably end up with like 10 seconds of animation. However it's still good. The art is funny, it's a good style and generally good looking. Loving the style.

The movie only got more funny as the animation progressed, the joke didn't tire down as much as most long assed jokes do (I'm pretty sure Family Guy is to blame for that kind of shit, I never found it very funny when a joke was dragged on so long). I like the fact that the art and the style is actually quite creepy and dark looking, as well as the fact the character is for whatever reason very ugly. Props for that one m'man.

Although I will say it deserves at least a Teen rating. Great movie, really enjoyed it and I hope to see more stuff from you.

Your flash was simple, but it was also minty fresh with no mediciny aftertaste. His teeth seemed in pretty rough shape for having such good dental hygine.

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Jun 19, 2014
2:21 PM EDT