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The Eyes of a Stranger

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So i didnt finish the sound this time... SO CLOSE THO

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As it was before...
We did not jail them...They just becomed the masters of illusion, fake light and the shadows.(but they are running out of time...good)
I liked this wideo weary much. Animation (the girl's face perfect) voice, no music, but i liked this way :)

I like reading the text on her tablet. I don't know what harry p has to do with this video since he isn't in the credits but you did a fine job with the text. No hate mail for you.

StejkRobot responds:

haha thanks mate! youre the first one to notice as far as i know! This was an entry for NATA witch harry is judging

Absolutely great work! It's so immersive and it ends so abruptly that you are just left wanting to see a little bit more!

Unlike some of the other reviewers, I actually enjoyed the narration and the way in which it was written and read - the word choice, the tone... I also enjoyed the little specks of humor here and there.

However, the idea of having the protagonist talking while the narration was going on was a little bit bothersome. I mean, you have the advantage that her dialogue was more of an atmosphere-setting thing, but, naturally, the viewers attention has to split in three when she speaks: they have to follow the animation, the narration and what she says. It's disruptive. I didn't hate it, though (it is an interesting tool), but you should probably find someway of easing that multitasking you are asking for. Something as easy as stopping the narration while the girl talks could've helped.

Anyways, I loved it. I'd love to see a more polished version or a sequel. Good luck on NATA!

Looks awesome!
The song "Eyes of a stranger" from Iron Maiden popped in my mind, when I saw the title.
Other than that, awesome! The story should continue!

Oh my goodness, what have you done?
You realize you cant stop now, don't you? You have to finish the story! Its so attention grabbing and ensnaring!
I loved the visuals, I loved the clear narration, and most of all I loved being able to hear the characters in the video speaking. :D
In short: MORE PLEASE!!! :D :D :D