Droid Team 1

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Droid Team, assemble! Command a team of industrious little Droids as they stack and climb their way to victory in this unique, puzzle platformer. Featuring 20 mind bending puzzles in which you will have to use teamwork and logic as you coordinate each Droid's special capabilities to reach the goal.

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great puzzle game, though last level was way to easy

Such a nice game with reaonsable difficulty.
However, please check on the last stage that it is a way to go almost directly to the goal.

Really fun little platformer, though it doesn't really start being challenging until near the very end. That and it's far too quick to suggest you use the walkthrough, you'll end up seeing the "maybe you should check the walkthrough? looks like you're stuck!" about 2-3 times on some of the longer levels even if you know what you're doing.

If you're going to include a link to a walkthrough. Make it a complete walkthrough. Don't be a dick.
For those who want an actual walkthrough:
Starting where the "walkthrough" ends
1. stack the two purple droids on the left end of the platform
2. lower platform
3. drop regular droids on top of the stack
4. raise platform
5. top droid goes onto the top level
6. lower platform
7. 2 purple droids from the stack get stacked in the left lava square, regular droid on platform
8. raise platform and move regular droid into red button area (but not on button)
9. button pressing purple droid jumps on top of the stack
10. uppermost regular droid moves all the way left
11. press red button
12. ???
13. Profit!

PixelRobots responds:

hahaha i kind of expected this kind of reaction from some players, but what happened was that i used a free software that let me record 15 minutes of video and it ran out half way through the last level. And i was going to re-do it but then i was like, hey who needs a walkthrough for the last level? wheres the challenge and fun in that? so i left it as is. I think players can at least beat the last level on their own, or they don't deserve the satisfaction of saying they beat the game. it is a puzzle game after all!

This game is definitely a bit challenging, yet so fun! Big fan on how the music matches the little droids, also the art is adorabbbleee, love how smoothly the droids move around & that there are so many different functions that the different droids can do! Nice job on the game, I would so love to meet the clever person who created this cute lil thang ;) <3

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4.06 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2014
5:07 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other