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Mega Evolution: Sceptile

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Well with they Hoenn confirmed hype I've ben feelin' since I first found out, I've been giddier than I've ever been. I already had an animation in the works, but the I saw we're getting Mega Sceptile, I had to make this first.

I couldn't be happier with his design, it's like if Godzilla, mixed with my favorite sword wielding lizard pokemon and blows up opponents with a Christmas missile of holly jolly DEATH!

I really like the seeds popping out and the dragon pulse bit, sadly I couldn't come up with a setting. I should get after effects and some better sounds to spruce up some things...

Oh well, ENJOY and stay tuned for more Gen III hype!

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Just Epic Mega evolution to the world, love the sound tract where you get it.

Marioshi64 responds:

Both are from Smash Bros Brawl, and sound effects are from Smash 64

eh kinda epic

It was exaclty what the title entailed, not to mention, the use of the old school sound effects was awesome!

This is really cool.