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Alfred Alfer Film Trailer

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The official trailer for the Alfred Alfer movie. being released in segments as they are completed on Newgrounds.com!!
While the entire project will be completed in 2017, the segments WILL be released online as they are completed! Like one of your HBO shows! The more time I have to focus on the film instead of paying bills and surviving, the quicker they will come! If you'd like to help there is a kickstarter/indie go go in the works, I'll keep u all posted!

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Youm Youm emily, you rock. you sexual sadistic soul.. i love this oldschool animaton i get some hardcore nostalgic feelings by watching this video, i have watched it 5 times and it still blows my mind

Great work keep it up ! *****

Women engaging in sick and demented animation for some stranger reason is a turn on. What the hell is wrong with me?

You know this is so refreshing to see something done by a woman that is about as demented and perverse as any man can do. So far I have seen a lot of brutal statements about humanity within these animations (the Alf Alfers series) and all of it isn't any sicker then what we all see in real life.

Emily, YOU RULE! You are an animator with the sick and twisted spirit. I find it funny how in a way this animation is so psychedelic yet it seems to share some elements of Superjail (the wackiness of some of the animation you have done), the gratuitous sex, drug abuse, and violence of King Star King (which I will say right now came AFTER the Alf Alfers series. I would swear this was the inspiration for KSK somehow), and elements of many of the past classics such as Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock, Hellraiser, Fantasm, and Sherlock Holmes. On top of that your adaptation of music to your animation is splendid. Cameos galore too... some of them more obscure then others but you are treading in cinema where VERY few dare to tread.

Needless to say this movie should be something Spike and Mike should be tossing awards at you just for how sick and demented the Alf Alfers series is. BTW, I would bet money if GG were still alive he would volunteer to do songs for this just becasue.

ROCK ON! The fact Troma is backing you says VOLUMES to me. Loyd Troma actually has done more to promote new and upcoming talent in cinema then every last single movie studio in America and Europe! I would like to offer a special thanks here to Troma for backing this series and movie. Some of us poor fans would be denied the weird and perverse entertainment that those of us who despise the mainstream BULLSHIT we are force fed by the media are denied.

In a way I can say animation like this forces people to see the dark side of humanity and ourselves so many of us refuse to acknowledge. While some of it is just plain silliness like the loop animations some of this is so serious it cannot be taken seriously until after the fact. Also the fact that this movie will drip sex, drugs, and ultraviolence means we have as Frank Zappa said in Thingfish we have "an evening of uplifting frolic and cavortment to look forward to."

Well, here is one person looking forward to this movie!

Some one loves the grumps . . . . o_O You . . . you do, Keep up the epic work.

10/10 would buy and bang. Donation def incoming when I can afford it :) I can't wait until it is done/

this gets me so pumped, 2017 seems so far away...