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Convict's Confinement 1

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[A completely unscripted animation, considering I always wanted to contribute some sort of Animation for Newgrounds, so I tried my luck with a new skill, Stop-Motion animation! Comprised with my childhood toys from the garage called LEGO]

A mysterious Minifig wakes up in an unknown confinement as prisoner, filled with ruthless gangsters within an abandoned complex. You will soon find out the shocking truth as you progress through-out this new series.

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The animation was so fluid it had me smiling.
Nice sound FX.
Great use of characters.
Good music.

It was lacking in some bits of the story, likely because it was unscripted, some of the scenes seemed repetetive and generic.
Little gaps/time that felt like filler or accidental extension.

The whole thing was nicely done, I love to see stop-motion done right and this does it for me.
I never thought you could be such a good animator.
And thanks for the perfect music goes to Chronamut, it fit with every scene.