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Ario Old

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Version 2.2

Did you already imagine if your favorite games characters getting older for real? Remind a game from 90's and imagine how it will be in 2030,
if the time passed to it how it pass for us.
Imagine a elderly mister's adventure in a wheel chair facing everything to salve the princess. That was how the idea emerged and this is the way we bring Ario
Old for you. Enjoy the game.

Arrow Keys and W A S D keys to move.
Space bar to select the menu options and use the fire skill.
The Z key actives the reserve item.

Ario after passed some years enjoying his vacations with the princess have to back to work when the terrible Cardosito Big Dog back to kidnap her one more time.
Even in a wheel chair Ario doesn't let it go. He will back to the world that visited a long time ago to face his old enemies and salve his loved princess again.

We had to do the game again and we did it in 12 hours. There are some bugs in this version

You can check the original version in our page: https://www.facebook.com/579536205497565

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Funny concept :D And I really like how the start of the game is done!
Haha, you can actually go to the next level backwards (when you move to the new level in the level selection screen, you can turn around and drive backwards, it's pretty funny)

For 12 hour's work, this is goddamn fantastic.
However, this review is toward the game as a whole. Short, with a good style to match the intended aging process. But, if there's two things that absolutely pissed me off about this game. It would be 1) the music was a short track that played over and over and over and over and god-awfully-over again. It took me all of a couple minutes to get dog-tired and nearly give up on the game completely.
2) The boss fight was despicable. I'll say the music was actually worse at this point than any other, and leave it at that. Gameplay during this segment is arguable, and that's one argument I won't step in.

Great game! What Kratai meant though a few comments before me was, if you made the game rated M, then when you played the game the title would look like it said "Mario" With the M for Mature in front of Ario. That's what he meant, he didn't mean he thought the game should be bloodier.

Original is way better

Buggy, unresponsive, and slow. That's the original version... this one wouldn't even play following a glitch where I decided to check the control scheme from the main menu. Now I understand you post the controls in the description but that's really an after thought considering that this one thing made it unplayable. Now as an overall concept... not bad I guess. it is an interesting take but I've played some really great sprite based games here on Newgrounds and this just wasn't one. As far as licensing is concerned you should have been able to stick with the original version warranting you weren't trying to make any money off it.

Now I know this sounds like a lot of negativity, which to an extent it is, but I say continue on and refine this. hell, check out Super Mario Crossover. It's simple fun and effective. Just don't rip them off too.