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Danger Time

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Author Comments


This game runs best in Google Chrome, and it is not as stable in other browsers at this time.

This is a prototype, please bear that in mind while playing and commenting.

I enjoyed putting this together and taking part in the game jam, it's a great chance for people and myself to play this game and others.
I believe Danger Time has potential, I hope you do too.
Kind words and constructive criticism will be very much appreciated.

If possible I recommend playing this with an Xbox controller.

NEW UPDATE 19/06 :

- Tutorial 2 edited.
- HUD indicators show speed and jump power levels.

Previous updates:
- To Mute sound press the [S] key for silent mode, press again if you want the sounds back.


Tutorial 1 glitch mentioned should be fixed.

More updates coming soon.

For best results play in Google Chrome with the volume turned up to 11!

If you insist on using Firefox I have found that the music, sounds and sound effects do not work properly. SORRY
They may not work at all unless you click onto another tab and then back on to the tab the game is on for some reason. So if you don't hear any sounds the moment the game has loaded, try that.

Activating Danger Time will enhance your power and focus for 5 seconds, time will appear to slow down and you will be able to achieve incredible feats.
Getting to the end of the game is some what of a challenge but the mechanic concepts should start to really catch on once you start trying to go for the 3 star ratings, coins or speed runs. You will have to use the Danger Time ability at certain times in levels to do well, and decide if you are going to charge your run or jump, finding the best routes through levels as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Every time you load the game you may notice there are different colour schemes for the main menu. In the future I would like the games colour scheme to keep changing like this through out the game.

Apart from the first tutorial level you are rated out of 3 stars depending on the height you rescue a suicider. There are also two hidden coins to find in each level (after the tutorials) To complete this game get 3 stars on all levels and find all the hidden coins. This does not have to be done simultaneously.

It is important to note that Danger Time is the key to getting 3 stars, and some of the coins. It can be used just once per level, and you can move a lot faster and jump a lot further during Danger Time, use this to your advantage!

If you fancy doing a speed run, the game records your time, when you are playing the main levels. Completing the third level in each area unlocks the next area, so for the speed run you can skip levels 1 and 2 in each area.

Keyboard: Arrow keys to run, up arrow to jump, down arrow dive down (Ultimate Punch), [Ctrl] to activate Danger Time (when ready). [SPACE] to restart level. [RETURN] to pause level.

Gamepad (Xbox 360): Analogue Stick to run, [A]/[B] jump, [X]/[Y] dive, [RB] Danger Time, [LB] restart, [START] pause.

It's the year 2030.

The atmosphere no longer exists so there is a digital sky and artificial atmosphere.
Suicide rates have recently sky rocketed in the city, leading it to becoming known as Death Wish City.
Our hero Drake Duck goes to investigate, believing it to be a conspiracy and that many people are in Danger and need saving!
He discovers cybernetic organisms terrorising the city and trying to stop him!
Is someone responsible for all this chaos!?................

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this game gain the 5 stars all from de opening song. its awesome. just great.

HenerzH responds:

Thanks man, finally a positive response to the intro after some time! I appreciate it is far too long though, especially for just a prototype.

what is this even.
you should make an alternate story path where you let the girl die because she has attempted suicide like 20 times as a cry for help, and when she expects you to save her on the 21st time, shes wrong.
what a dumb character

HenerzH responds:

It's a game. How many times has princess peach been kidnapped? How do you know it's a cry for help? Maybe she has been brain washed? Maybe it's not the same girl every time? Does that mean you can't get past the last level? You can let her die, it's called losing.

i dislike most of the game, i dislike the characters, the sound assets, the artwork, the story, and the game is very buggy

HenerzH responds:

This isn't very helpful is it. What bugs are you referring to?
There isn't really much of a story so if you are looking for one this won't be for you. Being a prototype it isn't going to have much polish. But if you don't like it, that's fair enough of course.
You say you dislike most of the game. Anything you did like?

not bad.....

You should never refer to a jumper as a "princess." What the hell.

Others have mentioned the intro, but also don't make important explanatory text a part of the background, when the game mechanics emphasize speed. Instead, pause the game to display the information--or better yet, have a floating box appear with an indication of the lesson you want to teach but without using words. Pictures are way more powerful and immediately meaningful.

Consider adding a jump height bar so the player can see it's increasing with each jump. Consider a countdown bar for the jumper to jump. Ponder what the player does if they reach the jumper's prospective landing point before the jumper jumps. If you keep the "this is how smashing and jumping work" level largely the way it is (which I don't recommend), then make the first small block unbreakable--the player just got done learning how to smash crates, so having a crate there the player wants to smash it when that is actually counterproductive to their proceeding in the level. And make something interesting happen with Danger Time--if it has as much potential as you say, the player's first use of it should do something other than display a five-second countdown.

HenerzH responds:

Hmm, these are some very good points. That being said, nothing you've mentioned hasn't already been considered. The princess thing was just meant to be a joke.
Just skip the intro, the first thing it says in authors comments is how to do this. I was trying to make people think with the crates bit but it is probably unnecessary. Now so many people have said it, i will try and change the tutorial. I just thought it would be a quick level some people may benefit from. You can stop and read the text if you wish and if not just run on, i thought pausing the gameplay would be much more frustrating for some people.

Yes there probably need to be speed and jump indicators.
As for a countdown, i just couldnt think of a way of justifying a countdown for a jump, i think, for people who do enjoy the game its more exciting without it as well.

It does need work.