Ravaged 2030

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Good day. If this maze game is too easy for you, try getting the ending where you do not get killed once.

This my second game with construct and I think it turned out fine considering I did not steal sprites from anywhere this time.

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This game reminded me of an game from 1999, which was a parody of Pac-Man. The game was a sort of maze game like this. I liked the very old school 1 block per move. Very simple game and movement. Great work!


Knuckstrike responds:

Thank you mr Kelzad. I'm glad you liked the movement: it was something I thought about changing for a while but I'm glad it worked out.

This is a decent maze game. The visuals are OK and the audio are good. Decent job overall.

Knuckstrike responds:

Thanks :]

Oh, there's a special ending if you don't get killed huh... maybe I'll try it again later on! Played through it twice, kinda. First time, I didn't collect all the apples! Argh! Too much of a hassle to go back. Second time I got killed just once. Bummer. Never by that bad apple btw, but that was a fun detail. The controls are easy, though it'd have been nicer if you didn't have to continually press the keys and could hold them down to keep sliding in a specific direction. It's a bit of a time-consuming game considering the reward, though it's not so long you give up, and the challenge is just right if you play to survive unscathed. Graphics are a bit eh... on the simple side, though that final screen wasn't too bad eh. :P Twas a fun play!


Knuckstrike responds:

Getting all the apples is kind of the easter egg in this game. You didn't think you'd beat the game by finding a tent did you? :]

I thought about implementing a feature where you could just hold the arrow keys and got through but since that's only really useful in about two places and it kind of ruins the long stroll towards the end I decided to leave it out.

Yeah, I worked really hard on the graphics of that final screen. Glad I got some recognition.
In my first two years of high school I made it through with an insufficient for both drawing and the claying lessons as my only insufficients so you could say drawing isn't a strong suit of mine...

Thanks for leaving a review Cyberdevil.

I don't see what this has to do with the future, but it's a pretty good game :)

Knuckstrike responds:

Thanks :]

You should read the instructions: the story is in there too.

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2.78 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2014
3:59 PM EDT
Skill - Collect