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Worlds in Danger Ep. 7

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Author Comments

Here it is. The long awaited Episode 7 of Worlds in Danger! :D I'm going to be taking a break from Worlds in Danger episodes for a while so I can work on some other projects I have planned. Enjoy!

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I like Episode 7!

And what was the music at the start of the battle of Mario vs. Dry Bowser?

Good job jmkrebs this was awesome! and looking forward for episode 8.

The more this deviates from SMBZ, the better. You should also cut back on the use of the zoom lines. I mean, every time a new character or item enters the screen, it gets the zoom effect. No doubt you picked that up from Kaijuking. It's pretty annoying. You should also change up your battles a bit too, since they all seem to follow a pattern. Heroes and bad guy fight, bad guy gains upper hand, heroes use items and gain upper hand, bad guy uses super move and regains upper hand, new hero enters and turns tide of battle, etc. How about something less predictable next time? On the plus side, the sprite quality looks pretty good.

Nice animation and features (press space bar to continue, scene select)
however the only thing I don't satisfy about is, it is a bit lengthy..I would actually suggest the use of split screen in some point and put the spot light on different chac who are doing related things together.. in order to save some time..
well just a suggestion though.. because I also not good at animation.. XD

Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2014
10:51 AM EDT

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