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Welcome to SV's world I

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Imagine you are SV, a girl has a special power. Her power is incredible, just go into SV's world with her, and you may figure out what is her power.

Hint: Her eyes can see things different from other people, use her eyes to discovery the environment at first.

p.s. Don't be scared by the code! What you need is knowing what is 'copy' ;)
By the way, the file is big, so it may show up the flash slowly, please wait!
And there are two endings

Walkthrough here:

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Being a programmer might've had something to do with it, but I quite enjoyed this one.
It was a bit unclear to me what the purpose of those 'eye' and 'magnifying glass' icons actually was at first. Some tooltips with short descriptions could've helped there.
I like the idea of incorporating parts of the puzzles or hints in the source code of those routines though, and it was overall quite fun and satisfying after getting the hang of it.
Looking forward to a larger, polished up sequel.

Shuinvy responds:

Yeah, I hope I can try to improve my ability of designing when I make this game, so I try to use pictures instead of text in that time :P I will take care it may let people confused next time.

I'm so glad to hear that, though I have too many games to make XD I'll finish this series in the future~!
Thanks for playing!

It is difficult to finish the game. However, it is a good try for a new game maker. Hope you can release a walkthrough later.

Shuinvy responds:

I will, thanks for playing!

You're going to have to explain how to begin this game, first few moves. Otherwise most people won't get it and you will get low votes.

Shuinvy responds:

I see, thanks for advising :)

With no instructions, frustrating puzzles, and limited room to move around, this game is too difficult to win without a walk-though. Good try.

Shuinvy responds:

Oh, sorry for that, I don't notice that, because the item you get only English word, and I think you may guess what is the meaning of the word and use it, just like the 'copy', is copy things......