Mars Farm

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(Updated 7/22/14)
UPDATE: Over all fixed up a few bugs while cleaning up and added a new upgrade for the shuttle.

In the summer of 2015 NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity while searching for ancient life on the planet lost touch with Earth for about 24 hours due to solar flares. When connection was made again NASA was surprised to discover the rover was discovered by a small primitive Martian race. The booming population of Earth while not in danger of hunger decided to befriend the Martians and teach them agriculture. Now it is 2030 and the Humans and Martians are setting up farms to help the Martians and Earth alike. Now plants and animals are being introduced to small Biodomes on the Martian surface to grow crops and livestock.

W,A,S,D keys move the camera
Left click with seeds/storage selected to place in field/home (respectively)
Right click with empty slot selected to harvest plants
E key to auto select Harvester
Q key to shift your view to the Bin
Left click on the Bin with veggies selected to place them inside and right click to send the Bin off.

This is a Kitchen Cru Studios game.
Me - Programer
Erin - Artist/ Original Design
David - Artist/ Original Design
Liz - Sound/Music

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This is a decent game but the play screen is too small as well as the majority of the text in the game (especially in the instruction screen).

Kargrash responds:

I just looked into that an may have fixed the issue. Seems it somehow got set back to a lower res.

Is there any way to enlarge it? The letters are too small.

Kargrash responds:

As of yet no, but I will be looking into seeing if I can add that as an option.


The interface is clumsy and unintuitive; it's difficult to move things between inventories, and there should probably be some sort of in-game prompts or feedback to let players know if and why an action didn't work. Alternatively, listing the instructions in the "Author Comments" field would make that information more accessible to players, since currently it can only be viewed before starting the game. It would also help to have some sort of link between the game's description and its mechanics, or some sort of goal to work towards. There's also no real indication what the upgrades do for you, and purchasing the inventory upgrades doesn't seem to cost anything, despite having a listed price of $1000. A save option, a menu button, and the option to turn off sound would all be lovely features to make the game more user-friendly, as well! Coding and programming aren't easy, so I respect your efforts immensely, but this one definitely needs some polishing. Good luck!

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1.75 / 5.00

Jun 15, 2014
2:17 AM EDT
Simulation - Job