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Dewtee Akkis

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Our very first game is finished!

It's the year 2030.

We're in a police state. Privacy is almost non-existent.
Everything you do is being recorded.
Any attempt of escaping the system is illegal.
So although technology gives you the freedom to move,
You're never REALLY free.

You better turn off those terminals controlling the city, kid.
At least to buy some time. escape this prison without walls.
Mind the drones and try to break the system before your privacy is COMPLETELY gone.
Let's bring this all to an end.

Arrows to walk
S to jump/Activate railswitches
D to use grappling hook
A to run
Up to activate switches and the end

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Nice concept, absolutelly love the music and gravity routes! I found some bugs and issues- on gravity platforms(sorry I dont know how you named it) when one route crossing other, sometimes your character wont stick to the platform or fall thru, I had this problem specifivcally in the third level. Controls on gravity platforms are little confusing. Character might have slimmer box so that he wont fly when he is standing on the corner of wall or platform or his feet might be a little bigger. Anyway nice game and I hope this review will help you!

The graphics are good (above average). The music is alright. The gameplay is kind of dull though. I am not sure why that is. Maybe because everything looks so similar? I don't know. I looks great otherwise.

Not bad, but I found a way to break it. If your on one of the things that allow you to run upside-down in the first level and you push the down key, you will fall up and in effect, gravity will be reversed for the rest of the game allowing you to fall into the sky forever if you do it right. Sorry for pointing out a bug, but thats what this is for, right?

armed10 responds:

It is, thank you.

I'll put in a fix, but it's kind of a work-around.

just 3 levels?makw more!

GG! finally a creator who knows the perfect duration of a game, 10-20 minutes, other people just make games with 3-4 hours and that's too exausting, for me, one of the best Short Games