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Roboduck Football 2030

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Update, 23 July 2014:

* Aiming is a bit easier now :)

Update, 22 July 2014:

* Post jam update to wrap this little game up. Some things have been completely changed, so it plays a bit differently now!
* Improved AI: Although still thick as cottage cheese, at least now the AI is able to think a few commands ahead, will prioritise certain commands and desires, and will try a bit harder to score goals. Sometimes the opponent might even try to sabotage your own moves.
* New Command: Kick. Kick is now a normal movement command rather than a random powerup. Hopefully this will give you a bit more control over what's happening and make the game less luck-based.
* New Command: Stop. Makes a robot stop on that tile. It will start moving in the next turn. Good for defense.
* New Powerup: Goal shield. This powerup will close your goal for three rounds. Very good for defense.
* New Powerup: Command Bonus. Gives you one more command to place each turn (max 5). Resets when someone scores a goal.
* Graphics: Added splash screen, transitions, tidied up main menu screen. Reticule showing when you are over an illegal tile.
* Audio controls added to main menu.
* Various bug fixes.

Roboduck Football 2030 is a turn-based future football simulator. Play against the CPU or go head to head against a mate in the highly anticipated two player mode (hotseat).

You could potentially experience the following:

- Exciting (questionable) AI decisions!
- Explosions!
- Joyfully passing the mouse between you when playing two player mode, because no other control methods were implemented!
- Space background!
- Sound and music!
- Confusing powerups!

PS. This is a game jam game and was made pretty quickly. I expect it to have some bugs and problems, but would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks for playing!

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The artwork in this game is among the best in the 2030 competition. It looks great, but isnt the most fun to play.

Extremely well made, even if I didnt find it very fun personally. I look forward to seeing what you make in the future.

Once you get used to it, it could become a decent strategy game, or rather it would if the AI wasn't so shaky. One of the opposing players got stuck going up and down between the wall and a block, and even when his partner was blown up, he never moved positions. Once you figure out how to manage the AI, it becomes pretty easy, although still slow. Also, the arrows are a thing of luck more than anything else, due to how fast they are.

Decent overall, but I don't think I'd play it more than than once.

torpedolab responds:

Thanks for the review! Very useful feedback. I agree with your comments, and I'd like to try a few things with this to take it a bit further. Improving the AI is number one, as I made it mostly to mess around with a turn based 2 player game, and the AI was kind of slapped on. Another thing is more powerups/commands that would make gameplay a bit more interesting.

To take away some of what you perceive as luck, I might try adding visual guides that actually update in real time, showing you the path your bots would take when you hit 'done' (just making it easier to anticipate what will happen)


Nice idea, but...

There is basically no way to aim, as on my machine, the arrow moves so fast (or so uncoordinated with where the game _thinks_ it's pointing) that I can barely get the ball or missile going toward the intended end of the field, let alone hit a player.

So I've been playing for ten minutes, and I have yet to kick the ball to the blue end zone... which I'm not even really sure is how to score.

Nice idea, but can't be played in a practical manner.

torpedolab responds:

Sorry about that, aiming was triggering on release instead of click, which made it difficult :( Should be fixed now!


torpedolab responds: