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Pee Peace

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Water scarcity is the main problem most societies face in 2030, and it already affects every continent.

Water is distributed unevenly and too much of it is wasted, polluted and unsustainably managed.

The condition grows even worse when UYUH, an evil Multinational Corporation, tries to monopolize and dominate the water resources all around the world. Money and world domination are the reasons of its water privatization.

It does anything to take over the water resources all over the world. It will even destroy the resources if it cannot get its hands on them.

The next target for the expansion of its domination is a small island named Sumber. The people there, however, refuse the big sum of money it offers for the resources. For UYUH this means a threat, and threat should be eliminated. It secretly sends robots through the river to contaminate and destroy the core of the water resource.

While all the people don't realize this, an Unidentified Living Organism (ULO) inhabitting the core of the water resource senses the malicious actions
and decides to fight back.

However, it has two problems it has to solve before fighting the robots.
First, It cannot go to the surface with its true form due to some reasons. Second, water is the only thing it can use as its weapon.

Finally it transforms itself into a male human to able to face the robots, as it thinks that pissing is the best way to fight the robots.

Piss the world to bring some peace!

Pee Peace is a tower defense game in which you have to pee the enemies to destroy them.

Left click to pee
A,S,W,D/Arrows to move
Q,E to change weapons
Click on the red circle on the yellow bar for special attacks

*15 Stages
*Fight waves of enemies
*Purchase weapons
*Upgrade your stats

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i found a bug i think, if u get overheated when usin green potion it doesnt recharge the bar of heating

nothaseo responds:

Thanks for pointing it out. I will fix it soon.

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2014
5:49 AM EDT