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Markimation: Black Rose

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So I did this because at one point I just said to myself.
"I am studying wrong. Rather than practice in the way of a lesson or a list study, I should just make a bloody animation and learn on the way!" And I think it bombed. But gotta start somewhere!

I definitely have learnt a lot, don't judge too harshly, it's my first animation, well, ever. I did start working on one before this so keep tuned! It will be uploaded hopefully within the next few months! Not so special surprise!

See the Black Rose episode here.

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so your first animation, looks a f***load better than my first animation i can tell you that :D

You did a fucking-fantastic job. I LOVE this.

I like this very much, the humor in combination with the animation is just priceless.
Eventhough ppl say this is a copy of egoraptor or any other awsome animators, i think building up from those lads may be the thing to get yer own animation style up.

MAKE MOAR, as the nice man demands :3

Bless you, child, for truly you are the second coming of EgoRaptor.

The animation is a level higher than intermediate. It is fluid, articulate, and exaggerated just the right amount to create cartoonish and laughable effects while remaining realistic and consistent its conservation of mass and space.
Your attention to detail, your willingness to shoot back and forth between scenes, and go in and out of close-ups and mid-range shots shows a natural talent for direction and editing.
Your voice acting is hilarious, and your content is fresh, quick, and dynamic.

Thank you having the balls to attempt animation in spite of your doubts, and against the grain of your normal learning methods. That's called guts. That's called free spirit. And those are the kinds of things artists should be made of.

VaneFox responds:

Thank you! But I'm sure soon enough I will deviate into my own style.
And gee I wish that were my voice but that is dear old Mark Fischbach or Markiplier. Mine isn't as deep and manly as his but it's close!

I hope my next animation doesn't disappoint though!

The scary seemed to all be in his head.