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I hope its useful


make new 1 with level
every object have different difficulty and include with medal for more fun
only that bored
making game learning and having fun too

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mordaza responds:

Thanks I will consider that, in fact I agree with you that only one level is boring too, just tried to make it super simple.

Thanks a lot for your comment, I will consider this for future, I mean I have plans for making more like eyes and other stuff so I dont know what should go next

Nice informative tutorial, the use of basic shapes as examples was a great way to get the information across.

The play section could have used a little more variety, once you've gone through the 4 sun positions, there's not much reason to keep trying. Perhaps it could be expanded on, using different objects and characters for people to experiment with.

Also during the end of the tutorial you mention hair highlights, but it could have gone further and explained more about highlights in general; they can really make a character stand out when used correctly.

Anyway, good tutorial, it's a fun introduction to shadows and light ^_^

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mordaza responds:

Thanks =) Im glad you like. I tried to make it simple so thats why I started with shapes and basic stuff. I know the play section could be deeper with more shapes and maybe more stuff, I consider making it in next one maybe, just thought for this one as a way to make the eye more familiar with shapes position on basic object.

I know I mentioned the highlights only briefly, I just wanted to make it short to grab quick the basic information so I focused on shadows and mentioned highlight just because in the final drawing that helps out to make the difference but I agree that as you said highlights should be trated deeply, as said maybe in next release I will cover this.

And as said thanks for your comments, I appreciate this and will take your suggestion for future ones =)

Nice stuff, pal. I learned something!

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mordaza responds:

Thanks =) Im glad to hear that, I consider making more in this line like eyes faces etc if that could help =)


You're drawing is good. I really wanted to learn anime but I don't have the talent for it. Your game is good but it would be better if you added more examples to your game. That way, people will also learn more how to do shading on other objects or people. Keep up the good work!

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mordaza responds:

Thanks for your words, I much appreciate your comment. I tried my best to show simple things, I know with just these few cases its hard to learn shading on every object or person you might think, just I tried to make it simple, because sometimes just understanding where shadows fall or in what direction they are casted might help a lot improve your drawing. If reception with this one is good I will do other in the anime drawing style like eyes faces and maybe more shadows if things are unclear. Thanks for your comment =)

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Jun 9, 2014
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