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This is an older animation test I did playing with my Grimmly and Pipp'n characters. It is more of a character exploration than anything else. I hate the background.


For what it is, this is well done, but more content would be appreciated.

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grimharbor responds:

One day I promise. For now, I need to explore this idea of character development that came to me. I'm not a writer, but an animator. I find that by animating moments, the character writes him/her/itself. Sounds dumb, mebbe, but it's working for me in writing this story.

It's very good. You would do even better if it wasn't so short :)

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grimharbor responds:

Thanks! I know things would be better if they weren't short, but right now I can only afford to do short at higher quality. I choose that conciously, over the alternative, lower quality higher footage. Rest assured, I'm working on longer form things on the side, but it will still be quite a while til one is actually done. Work and family first, then dreams. These short things are how I "train", one could say.

Thats actually quite good! Want to see more.

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grimharbor responds:

Thank you! I need to do a little research to figure out if these are ok to upload or not. Not really sure what the rules are.

With the lack of sound, any looping backstory that could be thrown in to make this appear less of a test and more like a short animation, and the theme of tests like beating a dead horse here on Newgrounds, it's safe to say you have developed your style and you are good at what you do.

However, the fact it is not a full animation is in a way a little insulting to the viewers that are familiar with your works in that we can see this kind of stuff by being your fan; and in a way you've done a great job with what you have here yet tests have no functionality in a place like NG's portal.

The only reason I rated you stars was for the great animation work here, and the brushwork on top of that. However, due to the nature of an animation like this I could only rate it a 2. Keep at making fuller works! Don't show us the teasers! :)

grimharbor responds:

Dear voltage, with the greatest of respect to your opinion, I have to politely disagree on a few points. First and foremost is the assumption that this wasn't a full animation. Beginning, middle, and end are the basis for a complete story. Whether that story exists on the timeframe of a second, a minute, a week, a lifetime is up to the artist presenting the perspective. I respect that it's not to your liking, but in all honesty I can't do a thing about that. I can only do things to my taste. I personally LOVE animation tests, and consider them short stories. Bigger pieces are merely moments strung together. The emphasis, in my opinion, is on each and every moment. Hence, the tests. I cannot expect to win a race if I haven't mastered running. Right now I am focusing on my form, not the instant gratification of anything else. I don't understand how any of this is, uhm, a slap in the face to the viewer. I guarantee that at NO point in time did the thought of ANYONE being slapped in the face go into the making of this piece. I apologize that you left viewing this feeling "insulted", but the only thing I can do is suggest to simply not pay attention to my work, til you feel you wish to.... or not. Either way, thank you for your honesty and I wish I could help, but I can only be me, and do my thing. If that includes things you don't like, well, that's just how it has to be. Wish you the best! :)

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Jun 9, 2014
2:20 PM EDT