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Foxglove Dress Up

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<b>Note: this is the first dress-up game I have ever created, so any constructive feedback is appreciated! This was for a class project that required for a student (me) to create a simple Dress-Up or virtual pet game. If you would be so kind as to fill out the test user form at the end of the description, I'd appreciate it</b>

A little promotion for my upcoming game project. Who remembers my game I was developing called Steamtrick last fall? Well, I have scrapped that idea entirely for a new game... featuring my two Sionnachíní characters, Foxglove and Foxtrot.

May I also ask any of you who play this to provide feedback so I can improve the game~? Please use this form and comment below!:
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No, I do not recall any project you were working on before. Unless you posted a news post here on Newgrounds, I doubt most will have gone to your deviantart account to see that info. Hopefully you release that game and it turns out good.

The background is where I would like to start. Need to fix your dimensions so there is not a lot of white space. I notice it is an MLP background though which is cool.

The design itself is alright. It seems Foxglove is a heavily modified version of a pony vector which is not a bad thing. Does not look entirely like a pony, looks far more fuzzy than a horse would in my opinion. The items could probably have been more detailed but I imagine with time and practice you will get better and won't need to reference things as much to do good art.

For your first real game / dress-up, this is not too bad. My biggest gripe is just using vector bases, but like I said, time and practice and you should be much better with time. Hopefully you can have a lot more variety with what you can use to dress up Foxglove next time, this just seems rather basic. Understandable though since it was for a class project.

Overall, fix it so there is no white borders (vertically), practice drawing (use references if you need to to practice), and maybe add music. Not too shabby for a star.

RicePoison responds:

The project I was working on before was a steampunk sidescrolling game, which remains in my school project folder for various reasons why I could not complete it. Few files for it remain on my deviantART

The background dimensions are supposed to be 400px by 600px, but newgrounds automatically has resized it to 480x640, hence the whitespace. (I've tried resizing it... it appears to be stuck)

Foxglove is a Sionnachini (I see my description had removed her details...), It is a vector which I had made myself with some help from other artists who make MLP art. Foxglove herself is 3/4 fox and 1/4 pony. The items were quickly sketched up because I required to get this project done on the fly in attempt to get a grade (first year media design).

Thank you for your input :D I appreciate it. (May I use it for my test user form?)

I think the art work is awesome but there should be more options. besides that its awesome! ^-^

RicePoison responds:

Thank you for your input! I will be adding more options over time!

its cute! I like the idea but needs more work defo,
Instead of dragging the items to foxy it would be easier of you just clicked on the item and it appeared on her,
That's what a lot of other dress up games do.
The game has potential tho defo keep at it !! :)

RicePoison responds:

Thank you for your input. More work will be put into this game as soon as I get the code from my professor to add alternate screens. The code I was given was for drag-and-drop dress up, and that is the one that I was meant to use... :\ (kind of restrictive). But anyways, thank you!

This dress-up wasn't good but it wasn't bad either. It was so-so. Decent job.

RicePoison responds:

This game was created for a class project, which assignment was to produce a simple dress up application or virtual pet game. I couldn't get the code to work at all in Flash CC, so this was created with CS6... Which I'm glad to say the code finally works.

Thank you for your review. I have a test-user form in the description if you would like to fill it out so I can hand it in to my professor at the end. Merci.

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Jun 8, 2014
1:15 PM EDT
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