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Blake Strongflank Escapes

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Up Arrow - Jump and Air Jump
Left and Right Arrows - Run and Wall Jump

NOTE - You only need to press the left or right arrow to wall jump. You don't need to press up too or you will waste your air jump.


In the distant and dark future of 2030, super cop turned fugitive Blake Strongflank has been captured and thrown in The Hole; a terrible prison from which no-one has ever escaped.

Six months into his life sentence in a dark and cold room, the door creaks open. Through the blinding light he sees another room, perhaps this is the way out?

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Great game man! It is rare to find such an addictive short game, which encourages you to become better at it. It is a joy to be able to speed run this game and try to beat my friends at it. I wish for this game to become a serious speedrun, and I encourage everyone to beat it and post their best time on speedrun.com.


quite tough especially the last few levels 509 more so then 510. design suggestion perhaps a slight delay when you first grab the wall or a bit of wall slide friction so you know when you've actually grabbed it. changed directions more then a few times when i thought i had the wall but didn't. a few walls felt like the could have been a bit longer just for sanity's sake. such as the one on (i cant recall the level number) the level where you start off under a single floating wall with lava to either side and the only way up is to wall jump off the wall above you, air jump, then land on that wall before double jumping up to the platform where the door is. its almost just out of reach and i did miss the bottom corner a few times.

Very challenging game, I found myself stuck on 509, I think I know what to do I'm just having trouble doing it. I found that once i go through a level it seems surprisingly easy to go through it again, so a level select or something would be nice but doesn't seem like much of a problem if you can build some decent muscle memory.

Top marks for being difficult yet playable, and having a lot of fun interesting uses for the very simple yet solid game mechanics.
Not so much for the limited graphics and lack of save features.

Now about the story, it is just an excuse plot, which is fine because the game is focusing on the mechanics. but it is worth noting that that is an area that could use work, but with a game like this it should probably be the last thing you work on or something worked on along side the graphics.

overall a very enjoyable game, keep up the good work.

Good use of platform mechanics and cool music. But to my opinion because of lack of graphics this game lacks atmosphere which could make it really special among other platformers.

almostnot responds:

Hey man, thanks for playing!

Maybe we should hook up and you can add your style to my next game :D

This game was cool and dynamic at the beginning, and I like the minimalist graphycs and the walljump controls. But this really got UNECESSARY DIFFICULTY at level 509, this was the most difficult plataformer level ever, and even more difficult than the next and last level, 510. The level 509 should be an extra level, a plus, not a normal level (and again, it wasn't even the last). A lot of players just frustrated themselves like me, and others just gave up and didn't complete your game.

almostnot responds:

Maybe I should make 510 even harder eh?

All joking aside, I will move 509 to a Nightmare World for version 2.0

Thanks for playing! :D