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The Candle Light Dinner

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WavingMonkyz presents Game 2 of 25: The Candle Light Dinner.
It's you... it's your beautiful sweetheart and you're seperated from her by your fear and a big, dark and dangerous cemetery...

You want to propose to your darling tonight - the candle light will lead you to her.

Left-Mouse - Walk
Right-Mouse - Place candle
Middle-Mouse/Space - Place bomb candle

Visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/25games
And on our official site: http://www.25games.net
Kevin Kerr: www.kevinkerrmusic.com

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I like the music and atmosphere in this, the game is very unique. Took me awhile to get the hang off it but its a good game !

25games responds:

Hey, thank you so much for this positive review!

Idea is amazing and game-play got only one tiny problem. Its not always clear how close you can walk the trap without dying. This gets even harder when there are trees. Finished game with little more bravery than cowardice.

25games responds:

Thank you very much! It's nice to hear, that you liked it ;)

I may be biased since you used my music, But I actually find this game really entertaining! Its a concept I have never came across before!

Keep it up! Looking forward to game 3! and the rest xD

Candle field of view is too small. There should be an auto-map to show progress. Game play is much too slow to hold interest. After a while you just don't care about the character and his goals.

25games responds:

- No, we think it's not too small, because otherwise you can see too much, which destroys general idea of the game.
- Auto-map? You mean where you can see how many percent you finished of the actual map? We think it wouldn't be really helpful for maps, which are not bigger than 2 or 3 screens and mostly linear :)
- We know, that todays players want to play fast games. The actual situation in general: Fast lifestyle - fast games. We hope that some players have fun with the game anyway.

We could do another top-view shooter, we could do another doodle jump, flappy birds, 2048, geometry dash, and whatever... But we consiously avoid approved game play mechanics. We just have fun with experimenting a bit. That's why we know, that we'll mostly get bad or maybe just good ratings.

Thank you for your comment ;)

First off, hats off to KevinKerr music. The foreboding tune is great.
The game looks very nice. I don't know if I'd call this whimpering guy a sissy exactly, dodging a minefield in the dark is pretty heroic; no matter how many candles it takes. I kind of wonder if the gf set all the traps, it would be nice to have alternate endings based on your total courage.
I have to fault the concept of the meter, though. Without memorization of trap locations or patience to turtle your way through, your death is quite imminent. Bravery be damned. Fools rush in, and are quickly dead.

25games responds:

Thank's for your comment!
And that's exactly what was our intetion: To memoize the trap positions. You should win the level on the first (or second) try, but you can't beat it perfectly.
I don't know how precisely you read through the "Author Comments" below the game. We're developing one new game each 2 weeks for one year. That's why there are no different endings ;)

We just want to experiment with new stuff. We consiously avoid approved gameplay mechanics. We also want to provoke a bit (see our first game). These're our goals...

Credits & Info

2.86 / 5.00

Jun 8, 2014
8:58 AM EDT