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Nichijou Jigsaw

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Because I love Mai and her friends as much as I hate myself.

Original / Full-size images:

Here is the song:

Nichijou (meaning "everyday") anime and manga feature epic cute girls doing epic cute things. The manga author is Keiichi Arawi, the anime is produced by Kyoto Animation and the song is by Sasaki Sayaka.

I don't have any right to use those materials at all, especially when I put the freaking ad at the loading time but I used them anyway.

Because I am a jerk and I love Nichijou where everyone has the right to try their best and happily smile at the end, because I hate this world where everyone has to try their best ripping off others and themselves in order to survive, because in this world everyone has to suffer badly in order to archive true happiness but most of the time life end before the suffering, because I don't know if there is really something like heaven waiting for us, because I know I am a pathetic loser for always making lame excuses, because I don't have the courage to cut my throat to stop my brain melting and because I don't have the power to change anything except complaining and making things worse. Plus that because in this real-world, everyone has to hate someone and may never has a chance to really love something even to love themselves.

But life gave me Nichijou and this song after all.

Thank you for playing. Happy everyday living~

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its great but next time can you use a better screen shot eh?

Cool game thanks for making this game! At first I thought this was like an escape game but its good puzzle game anyhow! ^^ Jolly Good show

Well, I'm a Big fan of Nichijou, and this game lacks some selamat pagi and deer fights, no no, for real, ahm the music is the ending, and i was expecting at least, different song for each puzzle.