Life Support

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Author Comments

Life Support is a point and click game in first person view. You play as a security guard assisting a scientist in creating a cure for a disease that has mysteriously spread on the ship you inhabit.

This is the second game I've made in a group. I'm primarily uploading this for any feedback to improve upon it as I know it could do with some, and for any future games I may make.

Thanks for playing and any comments!

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Not a bad beginning. Game play is too linear, no real choices culminating in a brisk ending that leaves one disappointed. Text boxes are way too fast. There isn't enough backstory, I don't really know what I am doing or why, so why should I care about the characters? Doesn't feel like I played a game, too short, no challenges. It's do A-B-C and you're done.

MustDeath responds:

So do you think all rooms should have been made available to enter right away rather than they unlock after you enter a certain room? I did it to help guide the player on what to do, but yeah I can see how it would feel too linear doing that. I see this as a 'test' game and will take on these suggestions to expand and improve on it once I get a better grasp on AS3.

Thanks for the feedback!

Really cool Bit effects

WARNING: these notes contain spoilers

- Great job with the pixelated/lo-fi art (the perspective in the corridor seems off, though)
- In the corridor, some of the room names are a little too tiny to be easily read
- The item in the lower right corner of the lab is hard to tell (is it a broken sample vial ?)

- The in-game lo-fi sounds feel coherent with the graphics
- The lo-lo-fi sound heard before starting a game is a little too hard on the ear

- The text boxes at the beginning are displayed too fast: keep in mind that not everybody can be fluent in your language ! A click-to-continue prompt would have been nice
- I would have liked a visual/verbal feedback when I picked up the security gear
- Clicking on the life support doors does not produce any feedback until you can enter the room
- 'what the f*ck'/'sh*t'... I didn't find the cursing appropriate with the sober/suspenseful setting of the game
- the sample machinery in the lab room can be clicked but no verbal/visual feedback is given unless a vial is dragged onto it
- the hint given when I tried to click on the sample room was a little weak/generic: instead of 'I should check the other rooms first', which is not something a real person would say, maybe something like 'Why should I go collecting samples ?' could better connect the player to the game objectives
- "I've been in the lab all day, I'm close." To 'be close' feels a little abrupt/incomplete... what is the author of the note close to ?
- when the credits appear at the end of the game, I would have liked to return to the main screen

- The game felt a little on the short side, but the overall experience was great.
- I was a little disappointed by the lack of a puzzle with the different vials, though (the notes about the colors seemed to hint at some form of interaction between them)
- When the game ended, I wanted to restart it and try different things/see different endings: I think this is the most important thing for an adventure game, and you nailed it

- I don't know if this is by design, but I could not exit the lab without turning the lights on
- If I click more than once on the light switch in the lab, the 'sh*t...' text appears again
- If I enter/leave/enter again the lab, I cannot longer leave the room
- Moving the sample out of the inventory area leaves it floating on the screen while I move across the rooms
- I can leave a note open, and leave a room: the note will stay open in the middle of the screen

Bottom Line
- An interesting story, nicely told through a captivating presentation. A little too short, though.
Keep up the good work.

MustDeath responds:

Thanks heaps, exactly what I was looking for! Had trouble with coding as I have little experience with it so some of the bugs I just didn't know how to fix it. Some new ones though that I didn't catch myself. Shall try get onto fixing these when I can.

Thank you again.

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2.98 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2014
2:52 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click