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Author Comments

Game has been updated!!!! 6/15/2015 ! Old School style game, no hand holding, kill things, collect things, and kill the boss. You're an adventurer on a mission to take back what is rightfully yours. Avoid obstacles, collect items for points while destroying the enemies in your path. Find the boss and make things right again!


The gameplay was simplistic at best, but as it wasn't a TDS (more so a format similar), simply allowing the player to brush up on their dodging skills, as well as basic hand eye coordination makes this pretty fun. That being said, there isn't enough direction allowing players to fully understand what their next move should be. Something as simple as an intro to each level would help to ready players for the stage. I only made it to the fire ninja then died in one hit as apparently the damage tick set for the enemy ticks by the moment. I also found it a bit difficult to read the hit-boxes on some of the objects as it seemed I could pass through a few of the obstacles by barely a millimeter to their sides, but then would crash before I even reached the next one. Another problem I seem to have is that when I hold the up arrow to move towards the top of the screen I only slightly reach the middle before the screen starts to scroll off of the game; might be a problem on my end, or perhaps it can be fixed with a screen-lock command... unsure. I'd like to replay it and see what you can do with any updates. Either way it was pretty fun and the music was pretty great.

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First stage was kinda boring, didnt have much to do and didnt felt any danger, pretty much invincible.
Second stage i had several perfomance issues while moving, took a long time to get to third stage, i was about to quit.
Third stage, didnt know if i was making any damage to the boss, he killed me fast and i want to kill him but i cant go through all previous stages again to try.

Please improve it and let me know!

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- The only thing I'd like to point out are the score/timer font (too small) and the life bar (that light green color stands out too much)

- Everything fits the action of the game aptly

- The exit button does not seem to do anything
- The game clock shows hours and tenths of seconds: is this necessary ?
- During the game, it would be nice to have an option to return to the main screen
- I collected two 'shurikens' (shown below the life bar) but I did not know how to use them
- I had no idea I had to collide with the 'hurry up' message... I stood on an empty road for a loong time before trying to reach the top of the screen (you could automatically move the player towards the top of the screen when the level is over)

- Auto-attacking the enemies felt a little awkward at first, but then I got used to it
- At times I wish I had a 'cinematic' bullet-time option to slow things down and better sort through the enemies and their shurikens, as it is the game feels very frantic and hard to master

- Setting the music off and on again does not resume the title music
- The music of the first level does not loop
- Pausing the game should pause the music, too
- The second level suffers from severe slow down during left/right movements of the player, making the game basically unplayable
- After I ended a game with an hi-score and I returnet to the main menu, pressing the scores button asked me for my name again, and filled the scoreboard with another entry with my previous score
- Pressing 'cancel' at the name dialog temporarily removed the names from the scoreboard
- Sometimes I just had to move the arrow over the buttons to activate them (without clicking)

Bottom Line
- A lot of work went into this, and the game shows much potential, keep it up!

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Credits & Info

2.83 / 5.00

Jun 6, 2014
2:34 AM EDT
Adventure - Other