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The Clouds

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Geez, finally!

This was supposed to be done for the Nata 2014 competition. I was done with the animation and only needed to color in the characters when it was due. After I noticed it wouldn't be done in time, I gave up and rested for a couple days. Now, I added a couple of things and I finished it. Waaay longer than any animation I've worked on so far.

I know the animation's bad. It's also full of continuity errors, but I just want to be done with this. I mostly just wanted to focus on story. I guess it turned out okay.

Also, I mixed in two songs in there on accident. Didn't mean it to end up like that, but oh well. It sounds like it fits.

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Wow... I'm glad I got to see this. This story has excellent writing. Keep it up!

Talented work but with better animation, i would rate 6 stars. Good Job!!!

Wonderful Story
Good show

Impressive writing! This was an incredibly good sci-fi story, and the filmmaking was top-notch too. Better animation would have been nice, but even with the cruse animation style this was still a great film. Well done!

Wow man that was great the voice work wasn't the best but i still can understand everything. The story was sad but awesome and the stye was basic but worked with the story

PS: Can wait to see more.