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In Freegear Z, you take the control of a new participant in the Freegear Tournament. You must race your way through four tournaments, each featuring four races taking place on abandoned highways all around the world.

The default controls are as follow;
Accelerate : Up
Brake : Down
Turn Left : Left
Turn Right : Right
Use Boost : C
Pause : P

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Cool! Brings back the old-school racing games and mixes it with a futuristic setting. One suggestion I would like to make: add more handling to the car, becuase I keep on crashing which way or another. Other than that, great job!

OK racing game. The obstacles on the road got to be a little annoying. Too many unavoidable ones. And I could have done without the speech bubbles blocking the road all the time. The later tournaments do tend to have a Nintendo RC Pro-Am style of unfairness like that one RC Pro-Am race where as soon as the race starts, one AI opponent shoots off and you never see it again unless it laps you. And the game just isn't good enough to grind to max out to try it again.

This is a fairly stock old-school arcade racing game. Like in most of those games, the AI is given a head start for whatever messed-up reason and all you have to do is pass them. The game seems to be rigged so that you always end up in the top 3, because the AI in positions 5 through 3 always drive slowly while the AI in second and first place rocket ahead and sometimes are just never seen again. I can't tell you how irritating it is to be doing your best in a racing game and never again see the person you're supposed to be overtaking.

So the gameplay is very simple, but it's made infinitely harder than it needs to be because of the fact that the game is broken on a basic level. When you hit a curve, the car is pulled off the road by a mysterious gravitational force which conveniently doesn't affect the AI cars. Decelerating on the curve to delay the inevitable works *sometimes* but not always, and the AI doesn't have to decelerate, meaning that the mere fact that I have to go on curves makes me less likely to win. I found this incredibly irritating a few levels in on a track made up mostly of curves in which I placed sixth because every time I had to go on a curve I required to decelerate to prevent from crashing and the car in fifth took off never to be seen again.

I also never found an occasion to use the boost, which I thought was odd. The boost really doesn't speed you up that much in the long run, and since a lot of the tracks are made up almost entirely of dead mens' curves using the boost for its intended purpose would just make you more likely to crash. I mostly ended up using the boost to speed up after one of my thousands of crashes, but even then it didn't seem to speed me up all that much.

Further than that, even the options screen is busted. I set up a custom control scheme to use SAZD instead of the arrow keys. That is, I had S for accelerate, Z for brake, and A and D to turn. The game read my key inputs correctly but somehow managed to mess it up on the actual race track, interpreting D as accelerate and S as turn right. I checked the options screen again and the options were set correctly, so that's how I had to play the game.

As far as the gameplay goes, there's really not much new going on. You've played a hundred racing games just like this. It's really the visual aesthetic that's meant to sell this game, and sure enough you see some pretty interesting scenery full of old buildings and abandoned deserts. I like the speech bubbles that come up when you pass a car, activate a boost, or ram someone. Combined with the visual style, it makes the entire game feel like it's coming out of a comic book, which isn't an aesthetic that I see very often. I really like it, but it doesn't make up for the woes I found in the gameplay.

For an average but not generic racing game, 4 out of 10.

Great "Lotus" clone. You really managed to duplicate the controls and feel of that old classic which i have spent more hours playing than i like to remember. One great thing about "Lotus" was the random generation of levels which really was extrodinary back then. Maybe you could consider something like that for your version.

All in all, Great work :-)

What the last guy said plus i think the highways should look more abandoned it should also have more customization.
But its good for a flash game

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4.48 / 5.00

May 31, 2014
7:30 PM EDT
Sports - Racing