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VideoGames Name Generator

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Update: v1.2
♦ Added ~20 new options (it gives almost 100 new combinations);
♦ Fixed algorythms
♦ Fixed audio... again
♦ More easter eggs

Hey guys ;)

First of all, sorry for the last trolling submission ;D I just had to post it.

Anyways, here is something I was working on long time ago, and stopped just before building. Now I rewrited the database and the "game' is ready to be published.

The idea is simple. It's funny app to generate name for your game. In first version there is four diffrent algorythms implemented, each gives you 100-300 combinations of names.

I think it's enough for the beginning. Let me know what do you think about the app, and what names are stupid, what names do you like, and what have inspired you to start working on your projects... If anything inspired you, if not - I'm sorry.

Good luck & have fun!

PS. Cookie for person, who'll find the most easter eggs :)

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I want to see "Footsteps of Pleasure." I also want to know who Swordsman Bob is. "Whorecraft" made me laugh out loud.

I do not want to play "Recreated: Slut's Grandma." If you make that one, I'll take away two stars. :)

MrReynevan2 responds:

Haha "Swordsman Bob" is secret character :)

I don't wanna play "Recreated: Slut's Grandma" myself, so fear not ;D

Easter eggs?!Gotta catch 'em all!

Ps.: Ninja's grandma...yeah,definitely something i want to play.

MrReynevan2 responds:

Good luck then :D
Today I'm updating the game, so there will be even more of them

So many games I want to see

Floating Island; Call of The Pizza Man

XXX; A Tale of Death Metal





Firewall; Small Town's Dick


Fridge of the Twisted Mind

P.I.C.O. ; Legendary King's Whore

Unforgiven; Cheese's Stupidity

Math; Vampiric Tokyo

Pornstar; Death Metal's Grandma

MrReynevan2 responds:

Yeah, me too ;)
Thanks for the 4.5 stars bro ;)

Having fun with it ! it works ;)

MrReynevan2 responds:

I'm glad, thanks :)