Pixeltris: Sticky Blocks

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UPDATE: Added a music mute button on the level select screen. This only mutes the music, not the collision sound. *muting the sound broke the game for a bit. That should be fixed now.

***NOTE*** The blocks are only counted for the objective if you click on them (i.e. unhighlight them) when they are in the correct white spaces. This means red needs to fill red squares or blue line needs to fill four white spaces where it should be blue in the background. If you just have the piece enter the space and it falls out, it does not get counted towards a win.

This game was made for a 32x32 resolution for lowrezjam. Click on the block you want to move to highlight it. Click on the block again to unhightlight it when you want to switch to another block. Up/down/left/right WASD to move the blocks. E and Q to flip the long blocks. The blocks are stickier against each other than against walls. If you think a block is stuck, try tapping it with another block or click off and on. The '!' in the top right corner pauses the game. Game autosaved after every level so you can go back in to the stage select. The boards you have gotten to will be hightlighted with a green dot. The object is to fill the white spaces being sucked out by the evil pixel guy. The only way it counts is if you Every few levels, something else is added. Keep a watch for the changes.

I think I made things a little too difficult on some levels. Please leave some feedback on where you want some medals placed. Perhaps at the 3 cutscenes. I was thinking about making a time trial once you beat the game (minus cut scenes) to have a scoreboard. :)


It has potential, but ... mmmh ...

I couldnt pass level 2 because i cant rotate the blue tile, i think ... Not sure how i made it in level 1, i think the white space for the blue tile was vertical there, too ...

ceosol responds:

E or Q

The idea is outstanding! Simple and yet with a high skillcap... I didn't make it very far into the game (Level 3) because it didn't seem to work. I tried covering all the white spaces and yet the victory screen didn't show up.
Nevertheless I'll give it four stars for the potential and would probably have given the fifth (Which I have never done before, mind you) if I'd been able to see the more difficult levels... Good job!

the music earraped me sorry, also the game doesnt work for me

ceosol responds:

Thanks for the comment. I put in a music mute button in the level selection screen (although collisions still make noise). Can you be more specific on what part of the game didn't work? Since you heard music you obviously did get into the game. Maybe I can update something or make a different version that is more accessible if I know what went wrong.

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1.99 / 5.00

May 30, 2014
11:45 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other