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Sonic 06 in O6 minutes

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The one everyone was waiting for.
Actually, I got surprisingly few requests for this one, probably because it was too obvious.
Will I be able to make jokes that haven't been done before? Time will tell.
But geez, after the parodies of the modern "Sonic stands around and says dumb things for 50 minutes" games, it was quite refreshing to take a game where things actually happen again.
Even if there's a lot of dumb things.

.... ESPECIALLY when there's a lot of dumb things.

Thanks to Sonic paradox for most of the voice actors here.
Music from Sonic 06 and Rush adventure.
Also no, this movie is not 6 minutes.
It's at least double the amount.
Jup, largest in minutes, and despite that I still had to ignore most of Shadow's story and have a few delted jokes and scenes.

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this was so funny but the art is terrible but so funny

This also had me in tears

Why didn't I watch this before?! Possibly one of the best parodies you've ever done. The bit with the guards and the loading screens had me in fucking tears because it's absolutely true (also "HELP I'M CLIPPING THROUGH THE FLOOR!"). If there's one minor gripe, it's that you didn't poke fun at the kissing scene, but who wants to see that, right? Anyway, very well done indeed.

lol ROFL this had some funny moments:) The time paradox thingy was confusing but in the end I finally got it:)