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Reviews for "Sonic 06 in O6 minutes"

lmao, seems like that game has some serious flaws! :D These six minutes flew by, time-tripping through trippy timezones, defeating vicious foes in creative ways, sacrificing peoples and places and saving days. Nice work!


So not only is the game bugged as fuck but the story too! hahaha.

I'd comment on the animation being -okay- but what I really came here for is the jokes. I was not disappointed. My favorite part being the paricular 4th-wall-break when Blaze remembers another Youtube video. The rest of it had plenty of moments where I've had to pause it and chuckle for a couple minutes. Nice job, Rog... too bad it all never happened. ;P

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Glad you liked it..if IT had happened.
Curse those universe reboots.

You know I can't belieive it took this long to get a Sonic 06 parody from you and it delivered as expected. I can't wait to see if Sonic Boom is up next. Till then adios!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Always struggled about doing a 06 parody, it was too obvious.
Only when I started taking things from a slightly diffrent angle did I feel confident in doing this.
Till nxt time!

Wow, that was good. Longer then 6 minutes, yay!