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Wumpscut - Wreath of Barb

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Music Video for Wumpscut's "Wreath of Barbs." In 2011 I managed to talk with Rudy Ratzinger himself to obtain the music track for the animation. Currently in the animatic stage for one of his new tracks. The video is old, so the HD conversion was quite cumbersome. Cheers.

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I really enjoyed the animation style. It complimented the music very well. I especially enjoyed how the video and animation was blended. Nicely done!

WellingL responds:

Thank you, it was quite fun to make

It starts off with some live footage and moves into a world that seems like a mesh of papermation and other styles, creative blend of colors, forms and dimensions. I don't really follow the text, if it is saying something, but it was an intriguing trip iuto the mind. Nice work!


Even in 360p looks good! I think HD was not really necesary because of the concept and old-style art, even the music sounds like old, cool... but old (or its my imagination?).

WellingL responds:

Thank you! Agreed, The transfer might have been a bit much since side by side the two versions don't seem very different now that I've done comparisons.

This is really an excellent music video, i am sure that this one will earn itself #1 best of the week, plus is probably one of the best submissions of the whole year as far as music videos go, congratulations!

WellingL responds:

Thank you much, it's good to have some positive response after working on something for quite a while

good job. You put a lot of work into it