condor ( a poem )

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I am the Condor , i fly
above you that walks

and suddenly in a ring

of wind, pen, claws,

I assault you and lift you

in a whistling cyclone

of hurricane-like cold.
And to my tower of snow,

to my black den

I’ll take you and live alone,

and you are filled with feathers

and you fly over the world,

still, in the height.
Female condor, we jump

on this red prey,

we tear up the life

that passes beating

and lift together

our wild flight.

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I was actually pretty impressed by this. It seems to be the best of these short cartoons you're putting up. I always want to review all of my favorite animator's works. The artwork is much better than before. While it could still use some detail, it's quite nice. I appreciated the style.

I really did not know what would happen next. There were a lot of interesting things going on. I'm glad you included the English lyrics. It gives off a nice spiritual sense. I can tell you're getting better.

marciano responds:

I like your comments very onest , I do what I can with the time and tools a have

Really nice! I'd have removed the tacky windows movie maker title screen, it looks very unproffesional and gave me low expectations for what turned out to be a nice animation. I liked the poem and the reading was great, loved the guys voice. Unfortunately I don't know spanish so I appreciated the translation in the description, subtitles might have been better though.
The animation is self was decent, the frame rate was a little low but I appreciate traditional animation is a lot of work. Loved the transition at 0:23. Character design was really cool too, and that shot of the mountatin at 0:45 is perfect, loved how it moved. The shot at 0:52 felt far too static, could have had some background drifting by to show the birds speed. The transition to digital animation was nicely done and I liked how you used photographs.
All in all an original and engaging work! Great imagery, appealing character design, intriguing concept!

marciano responds:

I didnt know windows movie maker had such a bad reputation , at 0.52 the poem says "still in the height" I wanted to show that when you see a bird gliding high it appears to be static but thanks for the comment I appreciete intelligent feed back

Pretty Gewd!! Very nice hand drawn animation

i enjoyed the backround music, it was smooth and actually pretty relaxing. but i cant understand spanish and couldnt enjoy it that much as i had to read it and assume it was the same pace. nice drawings too.

good move
very well done
its jut a little emthy on the backroud

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3.64 / 5.00

May 30, 2014
7:54 PM EDT