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Crusader's Escape

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You were once a great crusader. You fought in the holy lands, seeking justice for the pilgrims. Since then many years have passed. You advanced in the order, and made this castle your home. Moving across the ranks, reaching the very top. But it seems it was all in vain. People whose lands you took as yours are here. And there is quite a few of them. You got trapped in one of the great halls.

Explore your surroundings and use your wit to escape.

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Pretty good but some things did not make sense. Why is a forge in such a secret, hard-to-reach location that requires a make-shift bridge across water in order to reach and why is the key to a door that merely leads outside (i.e. where the angry people trying to kill the crusader can easily spot him) rather than underground have such a long, drawn out way just to make the key to that door? Other than that, the puzzles were decent and the game was good as well. You did a nice job on this game.

I think it was pretty easy, i solved in 7 minutes lol ...Anyways it was one of the very good games :)

I got stuck with the bell. Then, I followed the clue from the walk through and broke one of the windows. Once the bell area was lit up, the rest of the puzzles was easy to solve.

I was little surprised that I could walk out of the fire ring without getting hurt. Perhaps, we should collect a fire extinguisher somewhere before the game ends. :P

Not bad, but it could use some improvement. Like, a backstory and a proper ending cinematic. (Opening doors isn't enough closure!!!)
Excellent images and bgm, though!

good game, nice graphics but the music sheet bell puzzle doesn't seem to make any sense, the walkthrough said there were "circles" on the notes but I didn't see any. still a very fun game