Dangerous adventure

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Amazing dungeon adventure game with gem-matching puzzle mechanics! Five heroes joined forces to fulfill their dreams! Explore a dangerous cave, kill enemies, open chests - earn gold! Between battles, you can improve their heroes and buy new items at the tavern.


- Match gems to perform attacks
- Puzzle/skill meets epic RPG!
- 5 heroes
- 16 unique caves
- 10 skills
- Over 7 hours of gameplay
- Store
- Inventory

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Bah. It was fun at first, but it takes far FAR too long to progress and becomes much and much of a grind. A shame, since it seems like it has a lot of potential.

Man, I dig this game! Its SOOO awesome!!! Fantastic!
Finally got to the end! :D Love the tactics, switching of colour, the skills of the enemies..I wanna play MORE! Played the 2 Fatal Fighters too but this one is way better..because of the story! I love the small but neat intro which explains the dreams of each character in one small picture (forget the endless clickorgy textboxes of some rpgs), the cosy tavern, the soothing music (somewhat familiar, where do you got it from?), the bar tender who purchases new stuff (I liked the limited weapon upgrades, you still have to think an use tactics to get to the end although you have the highest weapons), the wayfarer with new missions,the dreams book (wanna flip the pages everytime I open it..come on!), The party quest with their individual skill tree (plate?)..it all fits perfectly in! This game screams for more (well I am) levels, quests, dreams, weapons, skills..the half star is for the ending..there is none despite of the scroll "you have completed the adventure!" Where is my pot of gold? Why they are still sitting in the tavern when their adventure is over?

They are waiting for their next adventure :)

brilliant game loved it liked the combat system the music some of the enemies can be a pain their is one thing about the game however during the combat sections with the picking of the colours the music in the section for some unexplained reason it reminds me of ice age or makes me want to watch ice age and i cant explain why and the music can be so soothing that i have fallen asleep playing this game late at night

Me: *Hits them with an axe*
Them: "Sorry, but it doesn't hurt me because you're not my colour" or "Sorry, it only hurt a little bit because it's somewhat close to my colour"

Apart from that logic, the game's really good, haha

I loved this game! Please make more similar to this game. I played it until I beat it. I get bored easily and this game definitely did not bore me. THANK YOU FOR THIS GAME! :-) Truly a time well spent and well enjoyed. It was a great strategy/puzzle game. At first I thought it was just another match 3 game... But, oh, it was so much more! I was hard at times until my brain kicked in and I figured out a strategy. Best game I have played in a long time.

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4.32 / 5.00

May 29, 2014
4:42 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other