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StopMotion Animation Test

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I always wanted to contribute animation projects of my own on Newgrounds since I only voice-act other animator's productions. However, Flash on a tablet is too much for this monkey to handle, so I decided to go for a more ol' fashion genre of animation, and thats breaking out my childhood toys in the garage... Stop-Motion!

Now I know the style isn't really fit for Newgrounds, however! It is an animation nonetheless, no matter how childish this may seem.

Unfortunately I have recorded this using an IOS app, but pfft whatever right?
This is purely a test/practice on doing key movements for the figures. Waste of space, but a piece of cake for Newground's gigantic data's lake.

(Constructive Criticism Needed!) :d

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I think it has a lot of potential, especially since legos are so flexible when it comes to set design. My only concern would be if you wanted to make a character talk you would need to make something to go over the lego guys face, or you could animate a moving mouth. It'll be fun to see your first actual stopmotion short though