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Manamancer is turn based puzzle PVP online strategy game. Match 3 or more gems in line to activate them. Each gem have different ability. Collect enough mana to cast one of four special attacks and defeat your opponent! The best strategist wins. Join a clan and make new friends or create your own clan and
invite your friends!

Customize your avatar to your liking.

Upgrade your armors and weapon to get advantage. Drink potions and surprise your opponent!

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why cant i play this game anymore :c ? its not perfect but i really like it

Yup,fun Little game.would enjoy a Story mode:D

Kind of a garbage to be honest.

It's too slow, animations are horrible (but the sprites are ok) and gameplay is boring. There are four types of mana and all it does is just dealing static damage. It's the worst kind of "match three", dumb random crap, it's unacceptable for an vs online game, because it's barely a game. There is too much luck involved, like, it's all luck and level difference. No skill, no planning, no strategy.

But the worst part is playing with other players of higher level. It's some bland game on Newgronds, of course it's not going to have large playerbase (especially with such uninteresting gameplay), but it still makes the game unplayable. I played several games and lost each of them, because my foes started with shields and other crap, while I was a poorly geared starting character.

Great game concept, completely ruined by game mechanics. You pin newbys against high levels who have played for weeks, or months. Also ive always hated when you can bribe your way to winning games, such as buying armor, health potions ect. with real world money.

Before you say "well I have to make money some how". Cosmetics are ok to sell, not power armor and weapons that give a huge advantage.

Maras responds:

It is not designed as pay to win, but I have to agree with you that at this stage it is (for new players anyway)....

You get gold and potions from leveling up and it would not be hard to beat someone who spend money on this game if the matchmaking would be working properly. (Players matched according to their skills).

Unfortunately there is always very low number of online players and the average wait time for a match could be around 10 minutes - noone will wait for that long for this game.

If I implement AI matches back then the players who want to play PVP will leave as the wait time will increase once again..

I could at least disable potions and equip powerups if the rank differs too much though...

It´s really boring to be a beginner in this game and always end up playing against fully equipped veterans. Beginners here never seem to get a chance to practice against equals. :( Otherwise this would be a five star game for me.

Maras responds:

Yeah, sorry about that :-/

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3.31 / 5.00

May 27, 2014
5:34 PM EDT
Strategy - Other